Why Mediation Is Important

When it is time to resolve a legal dispute, mediation can provide a number of advantages over other options, like taking a case to court.

At Affordable Resolutions, LLC, we are proud to offer individuals and businesses exceptional mediation services for various types of cases – like family law disputes, personal injury cases, employment disputes, contract disputes and more. We are dedicated to helping people resolve their disputes with creative, favorable, cost-effective resolutions so they can achieve their legal objectives without breaking the bank.

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We encourage you to contact us for more information about our mediation services. Bilingual services are available for Spanish-speaking parties. Until then, we invite to explore the following for some insightful information regarding the major benefits of mediation.

Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

5 Main Benefits of Mediation

The primary advantages mediation can offer to disputing parties include:

  1. Privacy – Unlike court proceedings that are part of the public record, mediation is confidential. This means that anything discussed during mediation proceedings will remain private. With the protection of privacy, either or both parties may feel more comfortable discussing the dispute and/or points of contention in greater detail. That may lead to more open, honest communications that could facilitate resolutions.
  2. A less formal setting to resolve the dispute – The formalities of the court procedure and setting do not apply in mediation. In fact, mediation can occur in whatever setting the disputing parties choose. In many cases, a neutral setting (like a mediator’s office) is chosen. Mediating disputes in a less formal, non-court setting can take some anxiety and stress out of the conflict, possibly fostering a greater sense of compromise, ease and willingness to work out an agreement.
  3. A faster track to resolutions – Given that mediation occurs outside of court, disputing parties looking to mediate a case do not have to fit into or work around the court’s busy schedule. Instead, the parties can set a date for mediation that works for them. This scheduling flexibility can mean that the parties do not have to wait weeks or months to address their dispute, possibly giving way to faster resolutions than would be available via court.
  4. Cost savings – Because mediation can expedite resolutions to legal conflicts, it can also save disputing parties money, helping them avoid litigation costs that can quickly add up with complicated discovery, multiple court hearings, etc.
  5. A collaborative process – As opposed to a lawsuit in which parties battle it out in court, mediation lets disputants to come together and collaborate to try to devise a mutually beneficial resolution. This effectively means that, in mediation, there is not a “winner” versus a “loser” in the case (as there would be a courtroom). Instead, both parties are encouraged to come up with creative solutions that fit their needs and objectives. Consequently, the collaborative dispute resolution process provided by mediation can result in:
    • The preservation of relationships – This can be especially beneficial for business and family legal conflicts.
    • More favorable outcomes – With both disputants directly involved in devising a resolution, it’s far more likely that they will be more satisfied with the outcome (when compared to outcomes that may be imposed by a judge who will not be as familiar with the situation, needs and goals of the involved parties).

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At Affordable Resolutions, LLC, Greenwood Village Attorney & Mediator Marc H. Schtul, Esq. is dedicated to facilitating smooth communication, resolving disputes and maximizing positive results. Diligent and solutions-focused, Marc is highly effective at helping parties devise creative solutions and mutually beneficial outcomes so they can achieve their legal objectives and put the conflict behind them.

From offices in Greenwood Village, Marc H. Schtul provides mediation (and other legal) services to clients throughout Arapahoe County and the state of Colorado.