Additional Legal Services Provided by Affordable Resolutions, LLC

At Affordable Resolutions, LLC, we offer a range of legal services beyond our mediation and arbitration services. Dedicated to helping our clients achieve their legal objectives at fair rates, we provide individuals and businesses with legal support and representation for an array of other cases and needs, as detailed below.

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Additional Legal Services Provided by Affordable Resolutions

Additional Legal Services

Personal Injury Representation

When negligence injures you or someone you love, pursuing a personal injury case can help you obtain compensation for the injuries, property damage, mental suffering and other losses sustained.

For many personal injury cases, knowing how to protect and advance a claim – and how to deal and negotiate with insurance companies – can be crucial to a successful outcome.

Whether you have been hurt in a traffic crash, a slip and fall or some other type of accident, you can turn to Greenwood Village Attorney Marc H. Schtul, founder of Affordable Resolutions, for help seeking the financial recovery you may deserve. Marc knows how to protect his clients’ rights, take on insurance companies and bring various types of personal injury cases to favorable, efficient resolutions.

NOTE: Many personal injury firms follow industry practice of charging 33 percent (of the recoveries obtained for their clients) as their legal fees.

Affordable Resolutions offers contingent rates as low as 7 percent on personal injury matters
(when liability is not contested). 

Lease & Contract Reviews

Leases and contracts can be pivotal to establishing the terms and limitations of many relationships and/or deals – from business and personal matters to property issues and more.

Attorney Marc H. Schtul reviews various types of lease and contract agreements for a fraction of the rate that other firms typically charge – and he can complete these reviews much faster than larger firms (that may take weeks or longer to review contracts and provide feedback).

With a tireless attention to detail and a focus on protecting his clients’ interests, Marc is experienced and proficient at reviewing various types of contracts and leases, including (but not exclusive to) those associated with:

  • Property agreements and deals
  • Business relationships and deals
  • Non-disclosure agreements.

Accounting & Tax Services

As a former certified public accountant (CPA), Marc provides various accounting and tax services in addition to the above legal offerings. For individuals and businesses, these services include (and may not be limited to):

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Financial reporting
  • Audits.

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Get effective representation and experienced guidance for your legal, accounting and tax matters. Contact experienced Greenwood Village Attorney Marc H. Schtul, Esq. at Affordable Resolutions, LLC by calling (303) 526-6222 or emailing our firm.

Diligent, strategic and solutions-focused, Marc is dedicated to providing the highest quality representation at affordable rates. His goals are to help his clients achieve their objectives in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

From offices based in Greenwood Village, Attorney Marc H. Schtul provides top-notch legal services to clients throughout Arapahoe County and the state of Colorado.